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Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
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6 juillet 2012

The 2012 Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation

The 2012 call for entrants


The 2012 Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation will take place on Sunday, 7th October 2012 at 14.30 in the Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Oise, France. Two awards (totalling 18 000 Euros) will be made to researchers or postgraduate students in acknowledgement of original contribution to the textile industry through the creation of: an original material, fibre or fabric; a new and innovative textile design; or a new way of producing industrial textiles.


A springboard for Researchers!

 This competition acts as a springboard for those researchers capable of coming up with the textile of tomorrow! This international competition was established in 2009 by Christian and Dominique Cambier (Founders of the Théophile Legrand Foundation – Institut de France). It is open to all researchers, postgraduate researchers and students at Masters Level. Its aim is to encourage textile innovation, research in the field, competition and imagination through shining light on technical, industrial or mechanical creations explicitly linked to the textile industry.


 Revolutionary Textiles!

 Previous entrants have defined their textiles as being ‘clever’, ‘flame-resistant,’ ‘self-cooling’, ‘shock and soundproof’, ‘self-cleaning and antibacterial’. The first three competitions awarded prizes for contributions that were innovative and revolutionary, finding their way into numerous sectors including medical, military, sport, aviation, helping disabled people etc.


A prize that is gaining ground

 Of the twelve entries received in 2011, three were researchers from France. The remaining nine came from Pakistan, Lithuania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Thailand and China. The dossiers presented to the experts were projects that were in the forefront of technology and innovation with many of them being able to become marketable in the years to come.


What’s new for 2012?

 The rules and regulations, the judges and the panel of experts have been reorganised with the arrival of new researchers, members of industry and a specialist of textile fashion. Among the new members of the selection committee are: Yves Dubief – President of the Union of the Textile Industries and CEO of Tenthorey; Dominique Jacomet – Director of the French Institute of Fashion; Brigitte Defoort – Specialist in materials and textile processes at Astrium-EADS; and Research Professor Paul Kiekens – Secretary of the Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX).

 Confirmation of Selection Criteria

 Beyond the construction of new fibres, the 2012 award will pay particular attention to innovation in conception, the transformation of fabric or the use of new textiles in our daily lives. Therefore, a textile design project will be accepted if its conception is innovative and original. The invention submitted must be feasible and one that can be cost-effectively reproduced. Its use and purpose must be recognised or easily discernible. 


Why a Théophile Legrand Prize?

 This prize of Textile Innovation bears the name of Théophile Legrand (1799-1877). Legrand was a Captain of Industry from Northern France. Precursory and Innovative, Théophile Legrand settled in Fourmies and is notably recognised for having industrialised the woolen mill, for fanciful yarns as well as the finest yarn anywhere in the world (120km/kilo). The Foundation is thankful that innovations in the textile industry are still going strong. In the wake of the first prize-winners in 2009, 2010 and 2011 researchers in the forefront of innovation are still providing us with beautiful discoveries.


L’Abbaye Royale de Chaalis hosts the 2012 Prize.

 The 2009 competition was welcomed by the Textile and Social history museum in Fourmies in 2009, In 2010 Roubaix’s  National College of Arts and the Textile Industry hosted the event and last year the Bol Vert at Trélon. This year, the 2012 prize will be awarded at the Abbaye Royale de Chaalis in Oise on Sunday, 7th October. This location, steeped in French history and belonging to the Institut de France houses part of the Nélie Jacquemart-André collection, the remnants of the Cistercian Abbey of Chaalis founded in 1137, an exquisite rosary and the Chapel of Saint Mary dating back to the thirteenth century and decorated with Primatice frescos.

 Applications and dossiers must be sent before August 14th 2012.

For further information contact,

Paul Schuler, co-ordinator of the 2012 Prize. Tel : + 33 (0)6 62 85 60 11 / Email :   

Keep up to date on everything by visiting the Foundation’s website at:

Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
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