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Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
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19 mars 2013

The 2013 rules and regulations of the Théophile Legrand Prize

Regulations of the 2013 Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation


Following the establishment of the Institut de France’s Théophile Legrand Foundation in 2007 by Dominique and Christian Cambier, The Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation has annually awarded two prizes for original contributions to textile innovation since 2009. The prize rewards two researchers or students demonstrating an ability to invent the ‘textile of tomorrow’, the original creation of fabrics and fibres or new ways of industrial textile production. Entrants are permitted to submit current work in progress. By shining light on technical or industrial creations, the aim of the prize is to facilitate and support innovations in the textile industry and research, capturing the spirit of imagination and competition.

 We define textile innovation as being that which corresponds to the creation and invention of a new product, a new application or a configuration or amendment to an already existing product, created using supple materials or advanced textiles. The product will open up markets and be of commercial value through responding appropriately to consumer and business needs as far as textile innovation and advancement is concerned. We define a ‘supple material’ as those materials possessing flexible properties which can be easily manipulated, can bend and fold without breaking.

 An innovative textile design project can be submitted for consideration providing the entrant or team of researchers is able to prove that the project, product and the invention of newly used elements are their own work. Selection criteria are the same for inventors of new textile fabrics as well as those innovators of new processes of textile production. To this effect, all entrants are judged on their creativity, originality, innovation to the field and the project’s ability to be industrially reproduced. 


 The 2013 Prize is organised by the Théophile Legrand Foundation, Institute de France and its coordinator Paul Schuler with the notable support of : The Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX) – Europe/China/USA ; The Union of Textile Industries (UIT) ; The Organisation of Technical textile Manufacturers of France and Belgium (CLUBTEX) ; The French Institute of Fasion (IFM) ; The Pôle de compétitivité UP-Tex ; the Department of Texiltes, Gand University (Gent), Belgium ; GEMTEX laboratories, Roubaix ; Duflot Industrie, Astirum EADS, Tenthorey, Prigest and the following National Colleges : The National College of Arts and Textiles, Roubaix ; School of Enigineering, Lille ; The Institute of Technology and Chemistry, Lyon ; and the National College of Engineers, Sud Alsace as well as the eco-museum at Avesnois and the Association des Escapades Sambre-Avesnoises.


The following are not eligible for consideration: Winners of the 2012 Théophile Legrand Prize, members of the organisation committee, laboratories or organisations involved in or sitting on the judging panel.

There are three stages to the process:

  1. Verification of a candidate’s eligibility (undertaken by the co-ordinator of the 2013 competition) beforeJuly31, 2013.
  2. Selection of the winners by members of the judging panel and specialist panel on Thursday, in September 2013.
  3. Validation of the two winners by the Foundation’s Board of Directors before the end of september 2013.

 Applications should be sent before July31th 2013. Application by e-mail to: is compulsory.

Following submission, the co-ordinator of the 2013 Prize will send a confirmation of receipt notification by return e-mail.

All additional documentation that cannot be scanned (fabrics, prototypes etc.) must be posted to the following address:

Paul Schuler / Agence SP&C - Prix Théophile Legrand - B.P. 40 035 - 59 612 Fourmies Cedex -France

 To be accepted for consideration candidates must meet the following criteria:

-        This international competition is open to researchers, postgraduate researchers (PhDs) and Masters students.

-        The idea / invention proposed must be feasible and able to be reproduced under realistic conditions. Its purpose and function must be recognised or easily identifiable.

-        It is imperative that candidates maintain a high standard of submission of application both in the quality of images and in the formatting of documents (High Quality photographs, presentations etc).

-        Entries can be from an individual candidate or a research team of researchers.

 Textile projects should meet the following criteria:

- Be original.

- Be innovative.

- Marketable

If a prototype exists, it must be presented at the prize-giving ceremony.


Dossiers are to be submitted in French or English. The following information must be included in the bottom right hand corner of every page: Candidate’s name / The name of the project / Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation

 Every application dossier must include the following documents :

 -        Cover letter.

-        An extended CV of the candidate.

-        The name of the invention put forward by the Candidate.

-        Comprehensive list of all previously realised works and / or research projects (max. 5 pages).

-        Photos, illustrations or videos illustrating the project.

-        Contact details for all businesses or partners associated / affiliated with the development of the design and / or prototype.

-        A letter of guarantee, certificate of authentication of the project signed by the laboratory manager / director.

-        If applicable, a publication list detailing all publications of work / projects already completed (reports, articles, works etc.)


Winners are decided by a jury made up of representatives of the Théophile Legrand Foundation, Institut de France, the person in charge of the organisation of the prize, associates of the Foundation and research experts and specialists from the Textile industry.


Participation in this international competition confirms an understanding and acceptance of the current terms and conditions as well as acceptance of the Jury’s selection criteria as outlined in Article 2.

 The selection committee will be meeting in September 2013 in Paris.

 The decisions of the Jury are subject to the approval of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, presided over by Gabriel de Brogile, Chancellor of the Institut de France.

 The Board of Directors will convene before the end of September 2013. The decision of the Board, Judges and experts is final and the board is not obliged to justify their decision.

 The two winners will be announced in writing 48 hours after the deliberation and will be transferred to candidates and partners of the 2013 Prize for textile innovation.


1st Prize : 10 000 Euros.

2nd Prize : 8 000 Euros.

 Prize winners are free to use the prize money as they see fit on the understanding that it will promote and advance their project.

 Prize winners must clearly display the following attribution on all communication linked to their project for a minimum of two years: « Lauréat de la Fondation Théophile Legrand – Institut de France »


The 2013 award ceremony will take place on Sunday, october 5th at 4:00 PM, at the “Station Touristique du ValJoly – Eppe Sauvage” (France – Nord / 59).Prize winners will commit to being present for the ceremony and receipt of the prize where they must showcase a multimedia presentation of their project.


Candidates take full responsibility for the accuracy of all information provided through the course of their project and the work they produce and may be subject to a demand of justification by members of the judging panel. Candidates must declare that they are the authors and owners of the work. The Foundation reserve the right to engage in media coverage of the prize, particularly through the press.

 Candidates will give permission in advance for the Fondation Théophile Legrand – Institut de France to use their name and to publically present their projects, using whatever means the Foundation sees appropriate including public exhibitions and promotional information in relation to the prize, excluding the additional future opportunities and subsequent rights of the prize winner resulting from the prize award as detailed in article 7.

 For the purposes of the competition, candidates waive all copyright of, and agree to the distribution of, any photographs and videos taken at the award ceremony. Winners agree in advance to the Fondation Théophile Legrand – Institut de France reporting on the projects as detailed in their application dossier. That said, candidates must expressly inform the Foundation of any documents or information that they want to remain confidential. The organisers accept no responsibility for any claims made by a third party.


All content of all documentation received by the candidate as well as discussions pertaining to the decision making of the judging panel will remain strictly confidential. The judging panel together with any person who has come into contact with any information pertaining to the candidate’s project will treat the information in the strictest of confidences particularly as far as the specific detailing and content of the project is concerned.

All members of the judging panel will sign a confidentiality clause.


 Candidates remain the sole owners of any project entered for consideration in this competition. Ultimate responsibility concerning the protection of their projects remains with the candidate. Candidates will ensure that they take all appropriate action to protect the intellectual property of the work they submit to the competition. The Foundation will accept no responsibility in the event of any loss of intellectual property in relation to a candidate’s project / innovation.

 Intellectual property rights pertaining to the creation, concept or inventions included in the application dossier remains the exclusive property of the candidates. The judging panel and competition organises will not be held responsible for any publication of a candidate’s protected work by a third party or by the candidate.

 Candidates solemnly swear to be the owners of the copyrights attached to their projects and will be able to demonstrate these rights to the organisers of the Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile innovation in the event that these rights are brought into question at any stage of the competition.


The coordinator of the competition will take full responsibility for the travel and hotel expenses of the two prize winners of the 2013 Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile innovation. Prize winners and a guest of their choice will have free entry to the event.


Protection of personal information: all participants are advised that all personal information provided is correct and is necessary for successful entry to the competition. Participants should be aware that any information provided will be checked and verified by the competition organisers.

 As stipulated in Article 27 of the Freedom of Information Act (No. 78-17 – January 6th 1978), participants have the right to access and correction of any personal information in writing to the co-ordinator of the Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation.

 A full copy of all rules and regulations pertaining to the competition is housed at the Institut de France in Paris. These rules and regulations are available in full from the coordinator of the Prize and of the Institut de France, or by visiting the Foundation’s website at: or the Théophile Legrand Prize’s blog at:

The current competition is accepted fully compliant with French law.


The organisers reserve the right to modify or cancel the 2013 Prize due to unforeseen circumstances or as a result of circumstances external to the Prize and beyond its control without prior notice.

 Organisers will not be held responsible for the loss of any information via post or in email, problems in getting information / dossiers to the Foundation or any lapses on the candidate’s part that would prevent them taking part or that would necessarily limit their participation (such as, for example, internet failure, messaging failure, social networking failures).


All candidates accept and agree to abide by all of the above terms and conditions.


 Paul Schuler, Coordinator of the 2013 Théophile Legrand International Prize for Textile Innovation

Phone: + 33 (0)6 62 85 60 11 (Mobile)  or + 33 (0)3 27 60 73 96 (Land line)


Postal Address: Paul Schuler / Agence SP&C - Prix Théophile Legrand - B.P. 40 035 - 59 612 Fourmies Cedex - France


 Louis de Genouillac, Institut de France 

Phone: + 33 (0)1 44 41 44 20 (Land line)


Postal Address: Les Fondations de l'Institut de France – 23 quai Conti – 75 270 Paris Cedex 06


 Website :

Blog du Prix International de l'Innovation textile et de la Fondation Théophile Legrand - Fondation de France
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