The jury and the committee of experts for 2013

P2 - 2 - M et Mad Cambier

The selection committee is composed of experts and jury members and chaired by:

 - Mr. Christian Cambier, the founder of the Théophile Legrand Foundation - Institut de France, CEO and founder of Prigest in Paris.

 - Mrs. Dominique Cambier, founding member of the Théophile Legrand Foundation - Institut de France

 The jury members:

 - Mr. Yves Dubief, President of the Union des Industries Textiles, CEO of SA Tenthorey in Eloyes

 - Mr. Dominique Jacomet, Professor and Director of the French Institute of Fashion Paris

 - Mr. Patrice Gallant, President of CLUBTEX

 - Mr. André Beirnaert, Chairman of UP-tex Cluster - European Textile Competitiveness Cluster

 - Mr. Yves Cambier, Member of the Théophile Legrand Foundation - Institut de France

 - Mr. Louis de Genouillac, Communications Manager of the Institut de France in Paris

 - Mr. Paul Schuler, Coordinator of the International Prize Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation

 > The committee of experts

 - Mrs. Brigitte Defoort expert in materials and processes at Astrium Space Transportation – EADS

 - Mrs. Emmanuelle Butaud Stubbs, General Delegate of the Union of Textile Industries

 - Mr. Michel Caillibotte, Laboratory Manager R&D - Damart in Roubaix

 - Professor Paul Kiekens, Secretary General of AUTEX (Association of Universities for Textiles) - Lecturer / researcher at the University of Ghent in Belgium

 - Professor Vladan Koncar, Director of the GEMTEX Laboratory in Roubaix

 - Professor Ludovic Koehl, Professor and researcher at the ENSAIT in Roubaix

- Professor Denis Deranton, Laboratory Manager at TIMTEX and professor - researcher at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieurs de Lille (HEI)

 - Professor Jean-Yves Drean, Lecturer / researcher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse (ENSIA)

 - Mr. Guy Nemoz, Consultant specializing in "technical and innovative textiles"

 - Mrs. Catherine Donnadieu, Journalist and Consultant specializing in "innovative technical textiles"

 - Mr. Xavier Thierry, Director of the Sponsorship/Patronage and Development at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieurs (HEI), former Head of Technical Textiles at DYLCO company in Bertry

 - Mr. François-Xavier Delatte, President of the company Technical Textiles Duflot SAS in Caudry

 - Mr. Jean-François Bracq, Secretary General of CLUBTEX and representative of Pole UP-Tex